October 18

Lose Weight In October Hypnosis Session

This is a hypnosis session to help you lose weight in October. And you can use it right now, just by following the sound of my voice, closing your eyes or defocusing them using your peripheral vision.

Relaxing your face, your shoulders, your chest and your stomach take a deep breath in and slowly let it out. Take another deep breath in and slowly let it out. Bring your attention down to your stomach and relax the stomach muscles. Feel that relaxation spreading throughout your stomach, deep into the organs into all the muscles, feel it moving up into your chest. Relax in the chest muscles feel your chest open and expand, as you feel that relaxation move deep into your lungs and your heart feel that relaxation move up into your shoulders. Relaxing those shoulder muscles completely and totally feel that relaxation move up into your neck move up into your ears and down into your jaw, relax the jaw muscles completely and totally and feeling that relaxation moving over your lips up into your nose. So that with each and every breath you take, you begin to relax a little bit deeper than before.

Now you can feel that relaxation begin to move into your eyes and your eyelids and really allow your eyes to relax completely and totally feel that relaxation moving up in your eyebrows up into your forehead down over your face. So that all the muscles your face completely and totally relax now from this place, you can feel how much more relaxed your body is.

You can feel your mind has quieted down and from this place you can communicate with your subconscious mind. You can influence your subconscious mind and your subconscious mind can influence you. And you can allow yourself to imagine how it will feel to go through October in the healthiest way possible. Which means that you feel indifferent to candy because you may be around more candy this month than normal, and you can see that candy for what it is and you can enjoy it sometimes but you’re always going to eat it in the appropriate way. So that when you do eat candy, you will eat it slowly, you will taste it, and then you will be done. And most the time when you see candy you’ll just walk right by it completely indifferent to it, drinking more water, going for more walks, eating healthier foods, because your subconscious mind wants you to be healthy. Your body is crying out for it to be fed the best nourishing foods that you can give it to get the appropriate amount of sleep so that your body can begin to fire on all cylinders and begin to burn any excess fat that’s on your body.

Slimming you down quickly and easily comfortably so that you can start November with a bunch of momentum. So you can carry that momentum to the beginning of the year. Lighter slimmer, looking good and feeling good, and it all starts now by being able to comfortably feeling different to any candy that is around you.

And I’m going to count from one to five, and when I say five you’ll be fully awake, completely rested and refreshed. Number one, slowly easily returning to your full awareness once again. Number two, each muscle nerve in your body is loose, limp and relaxed, and you feel wonderfully good. Number three, from head to toe you feel amazing in every way. On the number four, you become aware of the room that you’re in, in the body that you’re breathing into. And on the next number I count, eyes open, fully awake, completely rested, and refreshed. Number five, eyes open. Take a deep breath in and have a great day. 🍂


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