October 14

Hypnosis Session to Lose Weight

Make healthier food choices naturally

Here’s a hypnosis session to help you lose weight and you can listen to this right now as long as you’re not driving a car. All right to get started, you can close your eyes or you can defocus them begin using a peripheral vision. Bring your attention into your body: relax your shoulders, relax your face. Relax your chest, relax your stomach. They begin taking deeper, Fuller, more rhythmic breaths, so you breathe in and slowly breathe out, connect to your body feel your body relaxing and opening up feel your breathing becoming deeper and more rhythmic. So with each and Every Breath You Take, you begin to relax a little bit more now, as you connect to your body, you can begin to hear the message from your body that it wants to slim down. Your body wants to eat healthier foods and, as you, relax even deeper, you can begin to imagine yourself making healthier choices naturally and automatically, as your body begins to slim down and burn away any extra calories, as you start to naturally, and automatically crave healthier foods. As your body begins to demand to be hydrated at the perfect level, because when you hydrate your body, you naturally make better food choices, so the secret to you losing weight is to begin listening to the messages that your body is sending you. Your body wants to eat healthier foods. Your body wants to slim down because, as you begin to slim down, naturally from making healthier food choices, your body begins to feel better. You have more energy, your joints and your body feel better. There’S less weight pushing down on them. You ease the load on your heart, it’s easier to breathe and you begin to feel all these wonderful chemicals start to flow through your body, as you start to feel better about yourself. As you start to wear the clothes that look the best on you as you get excited about being in pictures, because you look exactly the way that you want to look, all of these things happen. Naturally, as you begin listening to your body and the deeper you go into this relaxation and the deeper you go into listening to your body, the easier it becomes to choose the foods that cause you to lose weight, naturally, so that you effortlessly begin to slim down. You begin to transform right before your eyes, just by listening to your body’s messages and at first those messages are going to sound like a whisper. But as you train yourself to listen to them when it comes time to make choices for what food you’re going to eat, you’re going to hear those messages louder and louder to choose the healthier option to feel indifference for junk food and fast foods. So they almost just fade from your awareness, even when they’re in front of you, as you subconsciously, begin to focus in on the healthy natural foods that automatically cause you to slim down and reach your goal weight. And you can allow that message to go deep into your subconscious mind deep into every cell of your body as your inner ears become tuned to the messages that your body is sending you, and now you can get ready to return to your full senses. Once again, as I count from one to five and you’ll, be fully awake, number one slowly easily return care full awareness once again, number two: each muscle nerve in your body is loose, limp and relax, and you feel wonderfully good number three from head to toe. You feel amazing in every way, on the number four you take a deep breath in ready to completely refresh yourself and come back to your normal waking awareness and the next number. I count eyes open, fully away completely refreshed and relaxed number five eyes open. Have a great day and enjoy the healthy food.


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