December 7

Calm Holidays Hypnosis Session. Relax and let go of holiday stress. 



This is a hypnosis session to help you have the most calm, relaxed, enjoyable holiday season possible and you can use it right now. Just follow along with the sound of my voice, close your eyes or defocus them and use your peripheral vision. Relax your face, relax your shoulders, relax your chest and relax. Your stomach now take a deep breath in and slowly let it out take another deep breath in and slowly let it out now bring your attention down your stomach and relax your stomach muscles. Just let them relax any tension. You find allow it to just melt away as you feel that relaxation spreading throughout your stomach area, relaxing all the muscles and feel it continue to move up into your chest. Relaxing your chest muscles feel your chest open and expand as you relax those muscles and feel that relaxation moving deep into your lungs and into your heart feel that relaxation moving up into your shoulders relaxing the shoulder muscles feel continue to move up your neck into your Ears and down into your jaw relaxing the jaw muscles feel that relaxation move over your lips up into your nose so that with each and Every Breath You Take, You begin to relax a little bit deeper than before, and now let that feeling of relaxation bump into Your eyes and your eyelids completely relaxing the eye muscles, allow that relaxation to wash over your eyes and then feel that relaxation continue to move up into your eyebrows up into your forehead and down over your face completely and totally relaxing the face muscles

Now enjoy this feeling; notice how quickly you can relax and feel better, just by relaxing and taking a couple deep breaths. You can step into the present moment feeling more calm, more relaxed, and this feeling is what you want to feel throughout the entire holiday season. So get familiar with it when you feel this way, how are you breathing? How do you hold yourself and what do you focus on? As you turn your focus inwards and you keep your muscles relaxed, keep your mind quiet. You feel a natural sense of calm and it’s this sense of calm that you want to feel throughout the entire holiday season, because December is the slowest month of the year. It’s the least light, and it’s a time in nature to rest and renew yourself. And so, while you may have many things to do this month, you can do them feeling this way with a deep foundation of relaxation and calm from this place. You can imagine the most wonderful holiday season and you can allow yourself to be present in the moment. So you get to absorb as much enjoyment from this holiday season as you possibly can, and your subconscious mind can think of ways to do that right now, as you allow yourself to stay, grounded in this feeling of relaxation and calm, you can imagine yourself doing all The things you need to do with a foundation of relaxation everything you’re going to do can happen in a more relaxed and calm way. You can move a bit slower. You can stay a bit more connected to your breathing and everything can change and feel more relaxed and calm. While you do it – and this can be such a wonderful realization that you can get just as much done and do everything that you need to do. But you can do it with this deep sense of calm and relaxation within your body and mind and you’ll find that when you go through the holidays feeling this way that you reconnect to all the best things that the holiday season has to offer. You’re more present. You’re more aware – and you just enjoy the little things more and it makes everything so much easier when you approach them this way, and you know now that all you need to do to go into this state is just relax and take a deep breath in and Slowly, let it out, and regardless of what situation you’re in you will feel more relaxed and more calm and knowing that can feel so good.

And now I’m going to count from one to five. When I say five you’ll be fully awake, completely rested and refreshed number one slowly easily. Returning to your full awareness once again, number two, each muscle nerve in your body, is loose, limp and relax, and you feel wonderfully good number three from head to toe. You feel amazing in every way, on the number four you come aware of the room that you’re in and the body that you’re breathing into and on the next number I count eyes open, fully away completely rested and refreshed number five eyes open. Take a deep breath in and have a great day.


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