October 28

How I Prepare My Weekly Salads



Hey everyone, this Jim Katsoulis, and I wanted to show you today how I make my salads for the week. It’s pretty simple: it’s easy and again you’re, not gonna learn how to cook here anything new, but the key things I want to point out to you is a the price I kind of estimated everything it takes to make five salads for the week. It’s a somewhere between seventeen to twenty dollars, okay, so you’re looking at about three and a half to four dollars a day.

The other thing is how quickly I make all five of these salads. Yet I’m not gonna rush, because I don’t cut myself in that great with a knife but you’ll see I’ll put a timer on after I make this video, so you can see.

And then finally the main point that I’m the reason I’m doing this is. I read a book called How Not to Die, and in that book hen (Dr. Michael Greger) talks about the daily dozen. You know, basically, it’s about how to get nutrient density and nutrient variety into your into your body on a regular basis and that’s what really inspired me to do this. And so I’ve been doing this for a long time now. And I just want to share with you just to show you how easy it is.

Okay, so well get it going again. I use Pyrex bowls, which are glass, so that’s good for a number of reasons, but it doesn’t matter what you use and this is kind of the key of it all. But again you can get anywhere, but I have a BJ’s around here and so this giant thing of greens. It’s got um spinach, chard, kale and arugula. Again, green wise, you want to get microgreens as opposed to like an iceberg lettuce. So you want, you want little leaves like this. Okay, because the smaller the leaves are the more nutrients in it right. Just simply because what makes nutrients in these greens is sunlight, and when you have like an iceberg lettuce, the outside leaves get some of the sunlight and create their. They have to protect themselves from the sunlight, and so the outside layers are nutritious. But as you get into the inner layers that don’t get any sunlight, it’s not as nutritious and so um you guys.

This is literally how I do it first I put the salad in and then one thing get a salad. I have a bowl here. That’s what I’ll eat out it today enjoyed it, and so I pretty much use this whole box each time making a little bit of mess. That’s all right, yep, you sure, there’s no gross greens in there a couple all right to the side, and now we start the chopping. So, let’s start with celery now gonna I try to mix this stuff up.

I got my kind of my core ingredients here, but sometimes you know I’ll get radishes peppers, sometimes we’ll use avocados. Of course, if it’s avocados, I wouldn’t put those in the day of – and actually that reminds me too – I didn’t put the nuts in here yet so I’ll show you those two tomatoes again, we want the key things I was mentioning like. I said nutrient variety and density, and so raw unprocessed natural foods are gonna, be your highest source of nutrition and nourishment that you can get and we want to get different different kinds.

Rules of thumb: you know colors are typically healthier the non colors right. So if you have a green between a green and a red pepper, the red pepper will be healthier. On average white cauliflower versus purple cauliflower, the purple cauliflower is gonna, be healthier, so purple carrots versus these carrots, so if you can get them get them.

Now, you know one thing: people ask me sometimes is the conventional versus organic, I mean, ideally, if you can get organic do it because again you’re supporting a good cause, that’s a good reason for it. Nutrient value between them doesn’t seem to be hugely different. But again, if you can eliminate some chemicals from your body, that’s always a good thing. So do that, if you can, I do it when I can.

So you know I get the regular vegetables in here that you see one of the things that makes this better in terms of satiety, so it make you feel more full. The secret weapon’ beans, okay, but you can have whatever protein you want, I’m a vegetarian. So I I was going to stick with beans, but I do actually eat fish. I guess I’m technically a pescetarian, but so you can put like salmon on here. You know cook salmon fillet chicken, whatever that’s fine, you know for protein, no get to the broccoli, you just eyeball, it split them up the best I can now you know so.

I’m making this on a Monday. These salads last really well all week. They last five days is kind of the max. You know you kind of pushing it but um they last pretty. Well so um, you know again, you got to be careful you put in, I suppose, sometimes, if anything doesn’t last it’s this right here, the cucumber there’s a lot of water in it and stuff. So that’s the one that you got to be a little careful about, but that’s why I always put the I always put the cucumbers on top, because if they’ve gone bad I just pull them off in the salad, still good. That’s the other big challenge. I would say: is the greens one thing you really want to watch out for his wet wet greens, because, if they’re wet in a bag, they’re not gonna last in your cell they’re, not gonna last in a bag to try storing them. So that’s kind of key things, so, even if they are wet, take them out and put you put a paper towel in there with them. That seems pretty helpful, but again you want to keep them as dry as possible. If that’s what’s gonna make them stay. Good for as long as possible, that’s good!

So again, I know we’re about time here. I’M gonna put a little timer up after this and let’s see, but it doesn’t take very long. Some onion is good good to keep an eye don’t put too much onion. You know and again you can choose whatever kind of onion you’re like I like spicy stuff, typically, but some things right, onions are out of control, the spiciness yeah. That’s not really enough start with it. I forget that there’s some nutrient in onions, that’s real good! For you, and so again, I’m just trying to get the variety right and if you can put these into your diet, what I refer to these as I refer to salads and smoothies. I refer to this little living vitamin strategy right. So what I mean by that is that you know so often we make all of our food choices based on how good something tastes and that’s fine, obviously, but the living vitamin strategy is that you a couple times a week or a day. You make choices on what you’re gonna eat just based on how good it is for you and what I’m doing here. You know yeah obvious I’d rather have a sandwich, a tuna melt, something like that with chips, you help it. That’s not gonna serve me. Well, health-wise over the long term, so, okay, that’s it all the salads are made.

Alright, let me show you the one other thing: this is a big deal for me, so I used shelled walnuts. You can use any nuts, but if you – and I don’t put these on until I’m going to eat it, so I’ll just put this on my cell than money today in a few minutes here and that’s that and so I’ll put these on fresh every day cuz they get soggy and I don’t like them as much. You don’t have to use walnuts. You can use almonds. You can use any kind of nut you want, but if you put like a chickpea black bean a protein, obviously chicken or fish or something in there, then you put some beans in there and some nuts you’re gonna find that it’s a really satisfying meal.

Okay and I think you’d be shocked. Cuz if you do this, for even you know a week, I’d give it a little bit longer at least like two three weeks to get used to it, but you’re gonna notice. You feel a lot different in the afternoon. Okay, so a real, easy thing, you only make one more point, even if you want to eat a sandwich if you eat one of these first you’re still putting this stuff into your body. Right. Imagine think about this for a second. This is what I think about this is why I eat these, and it’s how I got myself to eat them. Imagine putting this into your body every week. It makes an enormous difference in how you feel and again you can still eat whatever you want. Other times of the day, but let’s just start by kind of installing this stuff into your body and into your routine again we’re talking.

I don’t know this could’ve been more than 10 minutes or so to do all this and the rest of the week. I just grab and go okay, real quick! So again it’s cheap! It’s quick! It’s super healthy! No, it’s obviously really healthy and you’re gonna feel a lot better. Okay, you’re gonna feel a lot better, physically, mentally and emotionally from from adding this. In so again, I hope this inspires you one other quick thing. You have to start with five days ray if you start off with one day, that’s great okay, just start off whether or you are, but this is really good. You start if you can get even if one day you start to develop a taste for this.

I can tell you right now and I’ve been doing this for about a year and a half I’ve been eating these salads. You know pretty much every Monday through Friday for lunch, and I now crave them. I crave them as much as I crave and anything else that I would eat. Sandwiches were a big one with potato chips and I’m just different stuff, but I crave these salads now. Okay, so my tastes have gotten used to them, and I literally I expect them, and I want them all right so understand that that can happen, and when that happens, it makes being healthy a lot easier all right.

So I hope this helps you out and have a great day. Hey. Thank you for watching this training. I hope you enjoyed it and that you got a lot out of it as a thank you. I want to offer you a gift to help. You jump-start your weight loss today and it’s a custom self hypnosis session called the new thin me and you can download it for free at program yourself. Then calm forward-slash session and again it’s completely free you’ll go there. You’ll answer a couple questions and you will get a session that is customized to your situation, to help you get fired up to get motivated to do the things you need to do to really get the body and the healthy you truly desire and deserve. So again, I want to thank you and you can get that session at programyourselfthin.com forward-slash session (programyourselfthin.com/session). Have a great day!


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