Hypnosis for weight loss
sounds too good to be true. Although weight loss hypnosis alone cannot cause you to lose weight, you can lose much more weight on a diet and exercise program when it is combined with hypnotherapy. The hypnosis works by motivating you subconsciously to enjoy your diet and exercise routine and stick with it over the long term.

Does Hypnotherapy Work For Weight Loss?

hypnosis for weight loss

In one study published by the Journal of Clinical Psychology, participants in a control group of weight loss patients who did not undergo self hypnosis weight loss, quit losing weight after the initial 9 week period, while patients who underwent weight loss hypnotherapy continued to lose weight. Though many more studies need to be conducted to determine the overall effectiveness, this and other studies show that there definitely are better results in weight loss patients who participate in hypnotherapy.

Studies also show that it does not matter what diet program you choose to use in conjunction with your hypnotherapy sessions. Dieters are more likely to stick to the plan and have better success over the long term than people who go it alone. It is important to note that not all hypnotherapists are qualified professionals. In order to be a qualified provider of hypnotherapy, a great deal of training is necessary enjoying weight loss.

The Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology published another interesting finding. Another study on hypnosis for weight loss tracked 60 women, half dieting with hypnotherapy and half dieting without the aid of hypnotherapy. The dieting group using hypnosis and weight loss lost an average of 17 pounds while the non-hypnotherapy dieters lost only one-half pound. So, using hypnosis helps weight loss patients stick to their diet and exercise program, because it aids in making the program produce better results.

Hypnosis cds For Loosing Weight

If you decide that hypnotherapy is right for you, use a trained and qualified hypnotherapist. Some therapists meet with their patients one-on-one so that they can help the patient track progress. Other therapists choose to provide patients with audio tapes or CDs that the dieter can use in the privacy of their own homes. Both types of hypnotherapy can be successful, so long as you follow through with the sessions.

Hypnosis is a tool for motivating people. It has other uses in the field of psychology, such as recovering lost memories, but motivation to achieve goals, like weight loss, quitting smoking or other successes, is one of the most practical applications of hypnosis. Though many people relate self hypnosis with a stage trick, it is a real thing and has been in practice around the world for many years.

The health risks associated with obesity are severe. For many people, losing weight is critical to their survival. Other people who choose to use hypnosis for weight loss are tired of the extra weight and the embarrassment associated with it. Hypnosis therapy for weight loss is a valuable alternative for all of these people.

Hypnosis for loosing fat is a healthier alternative than crash dieting, yo-yo weight gain and loss or remaining overweight. Repeated weight loss and regain is actually unhealthier than remaining heavy. This is because as we regain weight, more of it collects around our internal organs, stressing them. For dieters, the best alternative is to find a way to get the weight off in a healthy way and learn to keep it off for the rest of their lives. Hypnosis is the chosen method of weight maintenance for many people who lack the willpower to do it on their own.