December 5

How To Fall Asleep Fast and Sleep Soundly


The secret to falling asleep, fast and sleeping soundly begins in your body. If, right now, you defocus your eyes and use your peripheral vision, you relax your face. Muscles, relax your shoulders, relax your chest and relax. Your stomach now take a deep breath and slowly let it out take another deep breath in and slowly let it out now bring your attention down to your stomach and relax your stomach muscles, let them relax and if you find any tension, let it melt away now Feel that relaxation begin to move into your chest and relax your chest muscles, feel your chest open and expand and feel that relaxation move up into your shoulders and relax your shoulders. Now let that feeling of relaxation move up into your neck up into your ears and down into your jaw now completely and totally relax those jaw muscles and feel that relaxation moving over your lips up into your nose so that with each and Every Breath You Take. You begin to relax even deeper and let that feeling move up into your eyes and your eyelids, and if you want to close your eyes, let them close. But if you just want to relax them, you can do that too, and feel that relaxation rub into your eyebrows up into your forehead and all the way down over your face, so that all the muscles of your face, relax and now notice how your breathing is Slower deeper, more rhythmic, because when you relax your body, it’s easier to breathe in the right way. And when you quiet your mind, you bring yourself right to the edge of sleep and you can use this technique anytime. That you want to prepare yourself to fall asleep, because you can’t force yourself to fall asleep, but you can prepare yourself and bring yourself right to the edge. So you can naturally quickly and easily fall asleep by relaxing your body and quieting your mind.


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