November 14

The Most Overlooked Secret In Health


I can’t take it anymore! Every time I put the TV on there is another commercial for some new prescription medication. Don’t get me wrong I’m not pulling a Tom Cruise here, but enough’s enough. It makes me wonder how people coped with anything 50 years ago. While I believe that medication has its place, I also believe that our faith in modern medicine has made us forget one our greatest gifts.
What is this gift that we have? It is our ability to influence our bodies through our minds. We are just beginning to rediscover the power we have over our own physical bodies. A scientifically verified example of this power is seen in the “Placebo Effect”. This was discovered when new drugs were being tested. Half the group would get the actual medication and half would get sugar pills. The interesting thing was that a certain percentage of the “placebo group” would show signs of improvements, even though they weren’t given any medicine! This is the power that we possess.

So how can you use this power? Scientists are finding new connections between stress and disease every day. We live in a culture where we are over stimulated constantly through television, the internet, etc. The easiest way to make use of this power we have is to put a few minutes aside with the specific intention of just being quiet and relaxing. When you do this you create fertile ground for health to occur naturally. It doesn’t need to take long or be some complicated meditation. Just the act of being quiet in a quiet place will make you feel better and improve your health.



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