July 20

The Best Way to Increase Your Metabolism


I’ve always found that the simpler I make
things, the more successful I am.
Food is no different.

It doesn’t take a genuis to notice how
a candy bar and salad make us feel different.

One of my main criteria for the foods
I choose now are how much life force do
they have when I consume them.

Our culture has been conditioned to eat
processed foods that are low in life force.

What foods are high?
Raw living greens, vegetables, and fruits.

This is the easiest way to increase your metabolism
because these foods are easily converted into useful energy.
This by definition is increasing your metabolism.

Some easy ways to do this:
– beging snacking on cucumbers,
raw almonds, peppers, carrots, or celery
– get in the habit of eating salads
with most or all of your meals.

Remember, this isn’t about cutting
anything out, it’s about inserting
more energy into your body.


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