June 7

The 4 Sneakiest Tricks of A Food Photographer:


1. “I use Crisco (lard) instead of Ice Cream”
That ice cream you’re drooling over is actually lard. Because the heat is so high from the lights, regular ice cream would melt, so I use animal lard instead.

2. Hot Fudge? Try colored glue
Hot Fudge justs falls to the side and melts everything under it. Who cares if its glue, it looks delicious doesn’t it?

3. Some motor oil for your pancakes?
The rich-looking syrup being poured over pancakes? Motor oil works well here.

4. Scrumptous BBQ Ribs…
Want your Barbecued ribs to look mouth-watering? Half-cook the ribs, paint with wood stain and BBQ sauce.


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