July 6

Supreme Concentration: Superior Performance


Why are professional athletes able to perform so well on a consistent basis? It’s because they’re so familiar with their sport and have put in so much time that wherever or whenever they compete they’re focused and are ready for whatever the environment throws at them. A great way to attain this ability is by utilising hypnosis for sports. You’ll build your concentration and desensitize yourself to situations where you typically feel nervous so you’ll be able to compete in any extreme. In this article we’ll go over the principals of hypnosis for sports and discuss why it’s effective, and how you can implement it to become a better athlete.

The basis of hypnosis for sports is quite simple, you’re going to gain control over your mind and then present hypothetical situations to it so that you’re prepared if they ever arise. A good example of this if you were a basketball player would be to imagine shooting foul shots with the entire crowd booing you. First though you’ve got to do some mind training so that the visualizations will be effective.

So first you want to find a place that’s comfortable and free from any distractions. Once you’re comfortable I want you to close your eyes and pay attention to your breathing. Try and stay focused on the rise and fall of the chest and the feeling of the air entering your lungs. You’ll quickly find that your mind is constantly bombarded with thoughts. The key here is to acknowledge the thoughts but let them go, don’t pursue them any further. This is the key aspect of hypnosis for sports as it allows you to gain control over your mind, so you’re going to want to practice it until your thoughts become few and far between.

Once you’re fully relaxed and your thoughts have slowed down you’re ready for the visualization. This is obviously going to vary for each sport and the circumstance that you’re performing the hypnosis in but to demonstrate we’ll use football. Let’s say you’ve got a big game later this evening and you’re feeling quite nervous. A great visualization to implement would be one where you catch the winning pass or making a game saving play. Performing this kind of hypnosis for sports visualization will calm the nerves and allow you to focus your attention on actually doing what you played over in your mind with your visualization.

Another useful visualization used in hypnosis for sports would be to imagine all the negative things that you’re nervous about before the game. This may seem counterproductive but if you desensitise yourself to these sorts of things then you won’t be as worried about committing them and you’ll be able to focus more on the game.

So to summarize, the most important aspect of hypnosis for sports is to enter a state of deep relaxation where you’ve gained full control over the mind. This will allow you to focus one pointedly on anything you choose, and allow you to call up any emotion you desire. If you still feel nervous or you want to desensitise yourself to something that could go wrong you can try a visualization.

Hypnosis for sports is that easy, and you can literally start to see effects in just a few days of practicing. The best part of all is that it will stick with you for life. Hypnosis for sports teaches principals that affect you at the core of your being, so if you master them you’re sure to improve in not just sports, but every aspect of life.



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