November 4

Self Talk and Weight Loss



One thing I’ve noticed working with so many weight loss clients is that almost without exception they are too harsh on themselves.

Often, it stems from the mistaken belief that they need to be “hard” on themselves, but there is a huge difference between being hard on yourself and being supportive and helpful.

One of the techniques I often suggest to instantly illustrate the difference is to imagine saying the things you often say to yourself (in the tone you say them in) to a person in your life that you love.

For example, imagine saying to that person “you’re so lazy and stupid, you’ll never lose weight”. (Harsh I know, but I want to point out the things that people are often saying to themselves constantly). Do you think that would motivate them or just make them feel bad?

Now, imagine you wanted to help and support this friend. What would you say to them? Notice how your words and tone are different, probably more supportive. What would happen if you began talking to yourself this way?

Remember you don’t need to be harsh with yourself to get great results, you need to be effective and helpful.


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