September 15

Quit Smoking Hypnosis And The Suggestible Mind


quit smoking hypnosisQuit Smoking Hypnosis is real, and it can help you quit smoking without the terrible withdrawal symptoms, weight gain, nervousness and other side effects of smoking cessation. Only about 10% of addiction to cigarettes is the physical addiction to nicotine. The other 90% of smoking addiction is mental. So it only makes sense to tackle smoking addiction at the mental level, rather than just the physical level.

Smokers have a conditioned response when it comes to cigarettes. They learn over the years to relate virtually everything in their lives to cigarettes. Smoking is how they deal with stress, how they enjoy relaxing with friends, how they prepare themselves for something and how they spend their breaks and lunches. Practically everything in a smoker’s life comes to revolve around their desire for a cigarette.

Now imagine that all of that could be removed. Even if you have smoked 30 or 40 years, hypnosis can liberate you from a life of virtual slavery to cigarettes and the desire to smoke them. Hypnotherapy can tackle the problem of the desire for cigarettes and the urge to smoke. This is far more powerful than a nicotine patch or gum that merely addresses the 10% of the addiction that is physical.

Weight gain is another common problem for people who use other methods of smoking cessation. Stop smoking hypnosis can help you eliminate this problem, as well. The weight gain is due to the smoker’s need to keep their hands and mouth occupied without cigarettes. If the oral fixation, the desire and the need for the cigarettes is gone, overeating and weight gain are not a problem.

Many professional hypnotherapists address the very issue of weight gain with their patients as part of the smoking cessation therapy sessions. Just as you once began to learn to restructure your life around smoking, you will quickly learn to restructure your life in the absence of it. All of the things you worry about ñ such as how long a flight is, when the next break is, where the nearest smoking area is, how many cigarettes you have left in your pack ñ become non-issues.

With many hypnotherapy programs, you can continue to smoke until you no longer feel the urge too. You literally just quit wanting to smoke and start wanting not to smoke. Talk to your hypnotherapist and find out what his or her particular recommendations are for your quitting smoking hypnotherapy program. Each therapist has developed their own style that works well for them and their customers.

Stop Smoking Hypnosis And The Suggestible Mind

It is not necessary to meet with a hypnotherapist each week in order to quit smoking. Many hypnotherapists have developed programs that you can use in your own home. CDs, DVDs and tapes are an excellent way to benefit from hypnosis in order to quit smoking. Most people do not realize it, but they are in an Alpha brain wave pattern for three-quarters of their television watching time. People also pass through this Alpha state while falling asleep and again during the waking process each morning.

The Alpha state is a level of hypnosis. This is comforting for people who are fearful of undergoing hypnosis in order to quit smoking, lose weight or learn to relax. The state of hypnosis is something that their bodies naturally go through in a regular process each day. It is nothing mystical, religious or New Age. Dentists have begun experimenting with hypnosis to alleviate the need for pain medication during oral surgery and other dental procedures.

Stop smoking hypnosis takes advantage of the highly suggestible state of the mind during the Alpha state. During this period, the mind accepts suggestions readily, making it the perfect opportunity to introduce new, positive thoughts and eliminate old, negative ones. Hypnosis has been thoroughly researched for many years, and there are no negative side effects as long as the hypnotherapist uses ethical practices while their clients are in the suggestible state. It is the easiest, most stress-free way to stop smoking painlessly and stop smoking for good.


quit smoking with hypnosis

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