February 14

Natural Weight Loss Secrets


Natural Weight Loss SecretsOften times the term natural weight loss refers to pills, but true natural weight loss is the inevitable result that happens when you change what you eat, when you move, and how you think. Focus on the word natural for a moment because it is an important part of the weight loss equation.

A big turning point in my life was when I learned about modeling. This is basically the theory that you find someone who has done what you want to do and copy it. In weight loss this is essential. Many times people start diets thinking that it isn’t going to work anyways. This doubt is a main cause of giving up. But, if you believe and acknowledge that weight loss is the natural outcome of eating and exercising a certain way then it becomes much easier to maintain.

The reason is that it keeps you focused on the cause and effect relationship that is responsible for your weight. Let’s face it the number on the scale has more to do with your behaviors than genetics, and the more you realize this, the easier time you will have losing weight naturally.

Notice how emotions can cloud this fact. How many times have you said that you’ve tried everything, but nothing works? Unless you are part of the 1% of the population with a physical ailment that causes weight issues, then this isn’t true. What is more likely is that you’ve tried different things, but haven’t done them long enough to reap the rewards.

Now don’t let this upset you. Instead look at it as a cause and effect relationship. If you only follow a diet for a month then you get temporary results. So, create a new plan that is likely to give you different results that you want. Again keep the word natural in mind. What would be the natural result of you eating less and exercising more for the next 6 months? What would be the natural result of eating more fruit and drinking more water every day? This is what true natural weight loss is.


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