Many people today are plagued with low self esteem and lack of confidence in themselves. This is likely a product of a very impersonal society that often leaves you feeling ordinary, and very rarely if ever special. So to combat this problem many people have begun to turn to alternative medicinal practices, and self hypnosis for confidence boosting is one of them. In this article we’ll discuss the basis of a lack of self confidence as well as a few techniques you can use to employ hypnosis for confidence building.

First off I think I think the best place to start a discussion about hypnosis for confidence is with why someone would lack confidence in themselves in the first place. It seems that most people who suffer from a lack of self confidence really have a fear of embarrassment, or of scrutiny by others. In fact, psychiatrists often deem anxiety and self consciousness as a defence mechanism that allows the individual to avoid feeling vulnerable in certain situations.

Vulnerability is a terrifying feeling for most as it often leaves you feeling naked and inadequate. The truth though is that everyone feels it at some point in their lives, so if it’s your time then the people around you will definitely be able to relate. If you’re still feeling anxious even after hearing this knowledge then we’ll move on to the hypnosis for confidence building techniques that’ll be like icing on the cake.

The first method you can try when using hypnosis for confidence building is to find a nice quite place and just watch your breath. You’ll soon find that it’s very difficult to concentrate solely on one thing, and your mind will be bombarded with an array of random thoughts. The trick here is to acknowledge that you’re having the thoughts and then let them go, don’t pursue them any further. If you practice this technique for 15 minutes to a half an hour each day you’ll quickly find that when negative self talk arises in situations where you’re feeling vulnerable, you’ll be much more likely to stay grounded and on task.

If this isn’t enough then you can take this technique one step further and move into a visualization. There are two types of visualizations you can use when practicing hypnosis for confidence building, negative and positive. An example of a negative visualization would be to put yourself in a situation where you would typically feel vulnerable. You want to feel the vulnerability as much as possible so that you desensitize yourself to it.

The other possibility for a visualization when practicing hypnosis for confidence building is the positive visualization. This is basically when you visualize yourself doing an act that would usually make you feel unconfident but instead see yourself as a pillar of confidence. Try your best to feel how good it would feel inside if you were to face your fears and get confident in situations where you would typically feel vulnerable and unconfident. This will help you to muster up the courage to face those sorts of situations and leave you feeling much better about yourself.

These are just a few of the numerous methods you can employ to use hypnosis for confidence building. If you feel like you need more then there are plenty of programs out there that teach a myriad of other hypnosis for confidence building techniques. A quick web search or a trip to the local bookstore is sure to turn up numerous results.