Why is hypnosis so effective in changing habits?

Hypnosis is so effective with changing habits because it focuses on the unconscious mind. All habits are rooted in the unconscious mind. We don’t have to think about habits, they just happen. Think about it, as the smoker goes through their day they do not need to remind themselves to smoke continually throughout the day. Instead they find themselves doing it at specific times during the day, it is literally “automatic.” Through hypnosis you can use your powerful unconscious mind to remove unwanted habits and make desirable habits automatic.

What is the difference between the conscious mind and unconscious mind?
A good example of the difference is illustrated by the experience of driving a car. When you first learned how to drive a car you had to consciously focus on how to do everything. You had to look at where the key went in, you had to think about which pedal was the gas and which was the brake, you even had to figure out where the turn signal was and which way you had to move it when you wanted to go right and which way when you wanted to turn left. Now, after years of driving it is completely automatic, you don’t need to think about any of those things because the behaviors have been learned and passed into the unconscious where they are now automatic. Many things in life are like that, some examples are writing and reading, tying our shoes, and walking. So often when we are doing things that are unfamiliar to us we are conscious and when we are doing things that are routine we are using the unconscious mind. Habits are controlled by the unconscious mind and because hypnosis focuses on communicating with the unconscious mind it is extremely effective in creating permanent change.

Will I do anything embarrassing while I’m hypnotized?
Not in my office. I have complete respect for and am honored by every person that chooses to allow me to help them make changes in their life, and you can know for certain that you will feel completely comfortable and secure throughout the entire process.

What is it like to be hypnotized?
Hypnosis a state of focused attention which leads to a natural state of trance. If you have never been officially hypnotized before then you will be surprised to find that the feeling of trance is a very familiar feeling. People go into trance states naturally throughout the day. A common experience people have had is being in a classroom in the afternoon and feeling their mind beginning to wander as they hear the teacher in the distance talking as they allow their minds to wander and float from one thought to another; this is a natural state of light trance. Under hypnosis you will naturally float from this sort of light trance to deeper levels all the time being aware of what is going on around you.

What is a hypnotic induction?
A hypnotic induction is a process of leading you from a state of normal waking awareness to one of complete physical and mental relaxation where your unconscious mind is in its most receptive state to receive beneficial suggestions that lead to permanent changes desired in your life.

How do you put people into hypnosis?
Hypnotists generally use words, a soothing tone, mental imagery and various exercises (such as deep breathing) to induce a trance state.


Can everyone be hypnotized?
Yes. Anyone of at least average intelligence can be hypnotized. However, the subject must first be willing.


How does someone wake up after hypnosis? What if the hypnotist leaves while they’re still in trance?
After hypnosis, a person awakens naturally, just as they do after sleep. It is impossible for someone to be “left in hypnosis.” If the hypnotist were to leave before counting them awake, the subject would eventually realize that the session had ended and would awaken on his or her own. During a hypnotherapy session, if there were an emergency, or the subject no longer wished to participate, they could easily awaken themselves at any time.


How quickly will I experience results from hypnosis?
How quickly do you want to see results? There are a lot of factors at work here. First, and foremost, there’s your motivation level. If you’re “trying” to quit smoking because your spouse has put you up to it, you’re not really all that motivated yourself, now are you? My advice there: just quit wasting your time and money and be honest. There’s no such thing as “trying to quit.” You’re either ready to be a nonsmoker or you’re not. Same is true with just about anything. If your motivation level is high, you’ll likely experience results very quickly. If it’s low, you may quit going to the hypnotherapist long before you see any results. Other factors that determine your success can include your comfort-level and respect for the hypnotherapist you’re working with, as well as the regularity of your hypnosis sessions. Hypnosis is not a magic pill. You will actually have to do some work along the way, such as attending your hypnotherapy sessions. If you are expecting to be “put to sleep” and awaken “never wanting to eat chocolate again,” you’re probably destined for disappointment. It just doesn’t happen that way. On the other hand, I’ve encountered a fair number of nonsmokers who tell me that they stopped smoking as a result of “just one hypnosis session many years ago.” I’d say that, when they had that session, “many years ago,” they were what I’d call highly motivated. Are you?