Hypnosis and similar concepts of “mind training” have become increasingly popular today. Many people have begun to realize how much their own attitudes and beliefs actually effect their behavior. A common attitude that we have problems with is our emotions and proper acceptance and display of them.

We desire happiness and we know that we deserve a life that is good. But how do we get it? How can we change our manipulative ways?

Emotional Release

Human beings are emotional creatures – no matter how “tough” or how “hard”, we all experience great emotion. Holding this emotion back is preventing us from growing as individuals, however releasing emotion in healthy ways will benefit us greatly.

Cry. Let it out. It will feel good and your whole body and mind will feel so much more relaxed and at ease with your being.

From experience…

I speak the advice a wise old friend gave me when I started to let my “thoughts” get the best of me. He explained how we tend to replay the same “scene” over and over again in our heads, like a movie. There’s a beginning, middle, and an end, and it’s because of this we are sabotaging ourselves the moment that “scene” starts. If our movie ends with tragedy, it will always end poorly. But if we begin to think of a happy ending, where we resolve conflicts in a positive manner, the end will be much more benefitial to us because we thought of the best possible ending – the true thoughts we wanted. Expect the worst and you will get the worst.

And quit beating yourself up.

Remember life is good and you deserve the best – don’t settle for less.

Another good point to mention is our constant name-calling we do to ourselves. “I’m not smart enough” “I’m fat” “I’m not good enough”.. if we keep repeating these thoughts to ourselves they begin to internalize and we begin to believe them. We must break this form of belief patterns as soon as possible. We so badly need a boost to our self esteem – we need to feel good about ourselves or we simply won’t feel good.

So what do we do to change the way we behave, the way we think?

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Brain on hypnosis (Photo credit: Wikipedia

* Stay positive… avoid negativity whenever possible – it is hurting you more than you may think.

* Get happy, cheer up. Life could be worse.

* Develop a healthier life style. Eat well, exercise regularly, and maintain stable friendships with like-minded people. Cut the toxic friends off from your life, they are sucking the life out of you… literally.

Thoughts, Mind, Body, Behavior…

EmotionSo what does this all have to do with hypnosis? Hypnosis is a method of beavior change that some people use in order to change their negative, unhealthy lifestyles and other bad habits. Through this approach they are able to rid themselves of the negative aspects of their lives.

Along with hypnosis goes the concept of Neuro-linguistic Programming or NLP.

NLP is not as complicated as it sounds, but will take some time to fully grasp as a concept. Quite simply it is the relationship between mind, body, and language. And as was mentioned earlier, our internal “self-talk” has a great influence on us, greater than we even perceive it to have. Perception is key in understanding these concepts. How do we see ourselves in the great big world around us?

The literature surrounding these topics mentioned is growing daily – you have much to learn, but it is worth it in order to live a long and healthy life. Don’t give up. Try some NLP techniques and begin your quest to a greater understanding of self. Just remember in the end the only one we will have left is ourselves.

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The online resources are endless. Here are a few recent articles and websites to start your research and journey towards a better life.


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