Myth: You need pills, alcohol or maybe even a doctor’s help in order to sleep well.

Fall Asleep Seconds After Your Head Hits The Pillow And Remain In A Deep, Restful Slumber Till You Wake Up Refreshed And Full Of Energy!

I’ll show you how to let go and literally “fall”
asleep at will. Sleeping is a learned skill…
and you CAN become a better sleeper!

Would you like to...

  • Fall asleep within minutes of your head hitting the pillow?
  • Wake up feeling energized and refreshed?
  • Be more productive throughout your day?
  • Be healthier, less prone to illness?
  • Be happier, in a better mood?

From the Desk of: Jim Katsoulis
Monday, 9:40 A.M.

Re: Sleep at Will…a better life on the other side of the pillow.

Dear Friend,

Sleep is something most people will struggle with at some point in their lives.

We live in a fast paced, 24 hour news cycle, frenetic kind of world, and eventually the pace catches up to you and interrupts your rest, your sleep.

You need sleep. It’s the body and mind re-charging. It’s the time for repair, renewal, and rest.

Have you ever looked at the time and thought…

11:30, I still have 6 and a half hours to sleep…

12:30, I still have 5 and a half hours to sleep…

2:00, Dang it! I only have 4 hours left to sleep…

6:00, ALARM…yawn…too much coffee…so…hard…to…wake…up…

Here’s a little secret…

You cannot force yourself to go to sleep.

It is called “falling” asleep for a reason.

Have you ever tried to force a toddler to go to sleep? If not, you’ve at least heard parents talking about their struggles with trying to get little Carson or Molly to lie down, take a nap, or sleep through the night. They’re all worked up, you’re all worked up. You force them down, they cry and get up. The longer this goes on, the less likely it seems that they’ll ever fall asleep.

Conversely, if you establish a routine, a calm sleeping environment, and allow them to fall asleep on their own, it seems much easier for both of you. That model is what the most expert and successful parenting texts use. You can’t force them to sleep, but you can subtly encourage sleep, and once the routine is established, they’ll let go when it’s time and fall asleep naturally. Think of trying to put a cat in a box…force it and the claws come out. Lure it in, and it will walk through the opening relaxed and on its own

My point is this…

You’ll always have a hard time trying to force yourself asleep…

You’re not “going” to sleep. You’re “falling” asleep. Let go.

I'd always had a very difficult time falling asleep, I struggled with it since I was a young child. And because I rejected medications I not only struggled to fall asleep but when it finally happened, it was often very restless and unsatisfying.

Later on, as I began to learn hypnosis, and I began doing yoga, began studying neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), I realized that what we were learning very early on, very basic things, were extremely valuable in helping me sleep. And very soon, after studying these things, I began being able to literally just fall asleep at will. All of a sudden, I had control over it where I'd never had any before.

This program is something I’ve worked on and wanted to put together for a very long time. It’s something that really and truly works to give you the easiest, fastest route to naturally falling asleep… and staying asleep… that I’ve ever seen.

Greek Lesson: Hypnos = sleep

The root word “hypnos” from the Greek… means sleep. Literally. When someone is hypnotized, it looks like they are sleeping. That’s where we get the word we use today.

You can learn to be hypnotized. Hypnosis takes place in that small space right before you are “fast asleep”. As a matter of fact, you might say that it happens on sleep’s doorstep.

If you can learn how to get to the doorstep of sleep…
to the threshold…all that’s left is walking through.

That’s what I want to teach you. How to get to the threshold.

Let’s take a look at a few reasons why you struggle with this in the first place, and then I’ll show you how we can fix it together…

3 Reasons You’re Tired, Cranky, and
Irritable… Why Can’t I Sleep?!?

1. Your mind is TOO BUSY
The news is on 24 hours a day. You get email on your computer AND your phone. You have work, family, school, bills, and even hobbies to keep up with. You end the day in front of the TV, or working, or just mulling over your to do list for tomorrow. Your mind is busy. You can’t turn it off. Even when you do sleep, it’s restless and incomplete.

2. You Can't Relax
Unfortunately, we live in a 24/7 culture, where the electronic stimulation never ends. We fall asleep with TV on, work in our lap, lights on, or under the influence of pills or alcohol or food. None of these things is conducive to good sleep, but we tend to use them to help fall asleep…or rather force sleep, which is never good.

3. You’re too tired
Days, weeks, or even months of poor sleep accumulate, and you end up with a sleep debt that robs you of energy during the day, and can even lead to worse sleep at night. Like the toddler that rubs his eyes, cries, and refuses to even consider sleep…too tired to think straight. Too tired to relax.

So if we know why we’re not sleeping… what do we do about it?

I know it’s difficult to see a solution. You can’t force yourself to sleep, but you need to sleep, so you try to sleep, and that keeps you awake. It’s a vicious circle…

The solution is simple. It takes practice, and a little time, but it is extremely effective.

New Study Shows Using Hypnosis Before Sleeping
Decreased Time Spent Awake By 67%

A recent study by the Sleep Laboratory at the University of Zurich, Switzerland found that participants who listened to hypnosis sessions designed for deeper sleep reduced time spent awake by 67%.

In this study they also found that listening to Hypnosis Sessions before sleep increased Slow Wave Sleep, which plays a critical role in body restoration and promotes brain plasticity by 81%!

They concluded that hypnotic suggestions for deeper sleep had a measurable positive effect on the amount and quality of sleep the participants experienced. They also suggested that hypnotic suggestions were a valuable tool with a much lower risk of adverse side effects than pharmacological treatments.

You Need To Have A "Mental System" That Will Help You Quickly Drift Off To Sleep... Everytime

Once you learn how to fall asleep properly, not only will you be able to rest easy…but your days will also be fuller, more productive, and energized!

Learning and mastering the proper technique will offer you all of the solutions you need to erase your sleep debt for good!

You need to be able to do 3 things...

1. Create A Deep Sense Of Calm
I’ll teach you how to “clean out” your mind, your environment, your obstacles to sleep. You must prioritize and understand how important sleep is to your health and well being. By becoming “unbusy” in the process of teaching yourself how to fall asleep, you’ll free up more time in a day full of more energy than you ever thought possible.

2. Master Your Mind
I'll show you how to re-wire your life long programming using the same techniques I use when I hypnotize somebody. The very same techniques I also use on myself. Bye bye pills, booze, fattening after hours food. No more poor habits, poor programming, poor sleep. You’ll literally be able to sleep within minutes of your head hitting the pillow… with no outside influence at all.

3. Fill Up Your Sleep Reserves
Just like real debt, sleep debt adds up fast and costs you more in the long run than the initial expense. Once you’ve been sleeping well and rested for just a short period of time, you’ll realize what you’d been missing all along. Your debt will be erased… and you’ll be free! Energized!

Your ability to sleep quickly, sleep soundly, and get the right kind of
sleep regularly profoundly impacts the rest of your life.
Introducing: Sleep At Will™
A Self Hypnosis Course For Falling Asleep Fast,
And Get The Best Sleep Of Your Life!

In this course, I’ll show you how to physically and mentally unlock the door to the sleep you’ve been missing.

In this course, you’ll learn how to…

  • Set Up Your Sleeping Environment Properly
  • Create A Mental Image That Puts You To Sleep In Seconds
  •  A Hypnotic Suggestion For Exciting Dreams
  • A Step by Step System For Completely Relaxing Your Mind and Body
  • A Technique To Instantly Let Go Of Any Stress or Anxiety
  • Advanced Breathing Technique For Creating A Deep Feeling of Calm
  • A Simple System For Having Richer, More Empowering Dreams
  • Tap Into The Power Of Your Mind By Lucid Dreaming

…and much more!

It’s really not that hard. It just takes a little time, a little practice, a little dedication…and you can FALL ASLEEP AT WILL!

I want to show you all of the tricks I’ve learned over the years…the tricks of the trade so to speak. It’s not all about your mind, or all about your body.

The key is getting the mind and body to work together in order to maximize the opportunity for the right kind of rest. Peaceful, mind and body renewing sleep that will see you right through the next day.

Isn’t that what you want?

Imagine a day where you want to get up and face your day. A day full of energy. A feel good day through and through.

Now imagine that day every day.

This is a technique that is designed to lead you to sleep’s doorstep, and allow you to effortlessly fall through.

Have you ever had that wonderful feeling of perfect sleepiness? When you lay your head on your pillow and marvel at the fact that you actually get to fall asleep now?

I want to teach you how to go to that exact place every night.

Say goodbye to
  • Tossing and turning
  • Mind racing
  • Sweat inducing irritability
  • Stress over sleep (or lack of it)
  • Long, tired days
  • The caffeine jitters

You can learn how to fall asleep fast. How to sleep more soundly. How to “fall” into the most rested, renewed life you’ve ever known.

It’s time to re-charge your batteries.

With this program you’ll receive:

  1. The entire “Sleep At Will” 60 Minute Seminar
  2. The text transcript
  3. Pro Mind Map of the Call
  4. 4 Unique Self Hypnosis Sessions To Guide You To Sleep
  5. A 60 minute Comfortable Yoga Audio routine
  6. A 5 minute Bonus Yoga routine

Normally I would meet with a client individually, and there would be an hourly charge for my services. The number of hours would vary by the individual and their dedication to the program.With this approach, I would be severely limited in my reach to potential clients… and many of you would miss out on this program.

You not only do not have to be in my local area to take advantage, but you also don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on hourly sessions, or pay additional fees for the customized yoga programs…

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YES JIM! I want to become a Deep Sleeper using the most POWERFUL, PROVEN and Effective Hypnosis Techniques Available.

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  • I understand... I also get access to the following 3 downloadable Self Hypnosis Sessions...
    - Letting Go of The Day
    - Deep Hypnotic Sleep
    - Lucid Dreaming
  • I understand... I also get access to the following Yoga Sessions downloads...
    - The 5 Minute Yoga Routine (mp3)
    - Full Comfortable Yoga Routine (mp3)
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Plus, if you’re not completely satisfied…

Your purchase is risk-free. If you listen to this program and use the techniques in it, I guarantee that you will be able to achieve a deeper level of sleep at will. If you don't, simply let me know within 60 days of purchase and I'll refund you,no questions asked.

The guarantee is simple-You'll sleep better or you don't pay anything.

Think Of It This Way

For most of you, the price of admission is less than the co-pay on a month’s prescription of Ambien! You have absolutely nothing to lose.

Take advantage of this offer while it's still available!


Jim Katsoulis

P.S. - Every night that you toss and turn and fight to go to sleep instead of using these simple, guaranteed techniques is another day you're not living up to your potential.

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