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From: Jim Katsoulis, Master Hypnotist
Date: Monday 9:14 AM

Dear Fellow Hypnosis Enthusiast,

There are very few hypnotists who are willing to share their most powerful tactics, their biggest secrets and their most effective strategies. Sure, there are a few guys out there who might try to sell you some general information... or a few little tricks...

But there isn't anyone out there who is willing to give you the TRAINING you need to have the power to influence others, to take charge of your own behavior, or to help others create the changes they need --UNTIL NOW!

I have no doubt this can and will be a life-changing experience for you.

WARNING: Hypnosis is not a game...

Hypnosis is not a game... I's a REAL, powerful skill that allows you to persuade people's minds and their actions. It allows you to offer help to people who need it the most, and it is a way to take control over your own behaviors and become a stronger, more successful person.

With hypnosis you have the power to ALWAYS stay in complete control of any situation... and always get the outcome that you want - every single time!

Now, let me ask you a few questions...

Are you ready to convince your boss you need a raise?
Are you ready to lose weight, stop smoking and stay motivated - with ease?
Have you ever wanted to win over new friends and get dates - without breaking a sweat?
Are you ready to finally have control over your life and get everything you deserve?

Well, if you answered yes to any of these questions then it's time for you to discover how you can get the training you need to become a master at using hypnotist.

Who I Am and Why You
Should Listen to Me

My name is Jim Katsoulis and I've personally conducted more than THREE THOUSAND private hypnosis sessions, and spent tens of thousands of dollars in training to learn the information that is included in this program.

I'm thankful I could learn from some of the best people in the fields of personal change.

And I am certified as a Master Hypnotist through the National Guild of Hypnotists, received my Master NLP Practitioner Certification from Bennett/Stellar University, and trained personally with the creator of NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming), Richard Bandler to get my NLP Trainer Certification.

I'm also lucky enough to have "behind the scenes" access to some of the top Hypnotist's in the World through my Truth About Hypnosis Interview Series... and I'll share these life-changing secrets with you in the program.

You Will NEVER Find Anyone Who Is Willing To Privately Train You In Hypnosis... Until Now

There are a lot of Web sites out there that want to sell you some book, or some information on how to use hypnosis...

But all the information in the world is useless if you don't have the right training.

I can tell you how to play baseball. I can write down all the rules and explain how the game works. But unless I take the time to actually TEACH you how to hit the ball, field a pop fly and steal a base... you won't win a game!

And hypnosis works the exact same way.

If you've ever wanted to influence - and change - people's opinions and ideas with hypnosis, then you need to get the right Hypnosis Training.

You need Private Hypnosis Training if you're ever going to persuade people to do the things you want them to do (and with a smile on their face)

And that is exactly why I've created this Private Hypnosis Training Program.

You can finally get the information; the expertise and the training you need to master the art of hypnosis and change your life.

NOTHING will teach you how to use the power of hypnosis faster than my Private Hypnosis Training Program.

Get Exactly What You Want Out Of Life...
What You DESERVE Out Of Life...
With Private Hypnosis Training

One you join our Private Hypnosis Training Program you'll receive a new video lesson every single week that shows you exactly how you can use hypnosis and mind control techniques that will transform your life instantly.

And you'll get the MP3 and transcript of the lesson so you can study each session and have it work for you.

Every single week, delivered right to your inbox, you'll get the training you need to master the art of hypnosis.

Sample Lessons Include: 

• What Is Hypnosis?
• How to Hypnotize Others
• Changing Your Habits
• Hypnosis Case Studies
• Brainwashing Case Studies
• Behind the Scenes of Stage Hypnosis
• Hypnosis and Goal Setting
• Hypnosis Tricks to Play
• How to Heal Traumas
• Hypnosis and Spiritual Experiences
• How to Bring Someone out of Trance

• How to Talk Like a Hypnotist
• Hypnotic Sex Secrets
• Covert Persuasion
•Hypnotic Persuasion Tools
• Hypnosis For Stress Reduction
• Hypnosis Weight Loss Secrets
• How to Choose a Good Hypnotist
• Mind Reading Secrets
• Making Money Using Hypnosis
• Mass Hypnosis Case Studies
• Hypnosis for Accelerated Learning

If you're ready to get the private training that will put you in control of your life and allow you to finally have everything you deserve - then it's time for you to sign-up for our Private Hypnosis Training Program.

But you don't have to worry. This private and weekly training isn't going to break your bank.

If You Have $5, Then You
Can Change Your Life Now!

Are you willing to learn the secrets of hypnosis? Are you ready to get the training you need to change people's opinions, actions and ideas?

Well, I'm willing to give you the training you want for LESS THAN $5!

While other hypnotists have wasted thousands upon thousands of dollars on this same information... I'm giving you the chance to change your life for only $4.95.I'm giving you the chance to join our Private Hypnosis Training Program - for a full month - for only $4.95!

Each week you'll receive a video lesson (you also get the MP3 and transcript of the lesson) delivered right to your inbox.

Each week you are going to start learning all the secrets, all the tricks and get the training you need to persuade anyone to eagerly do anything you want - with ease.

But that's not all...I also have a FREE bonus gift you'll receive, just for deciding that you're ready to uncover the most powerful mind control secrets known to man.

Your 2 Free Instant Bonuses

Deep Trance Self Hypnosis Session

When you join our Private Hypnosis Training Program today, you'll get instant access to the "Deep Trance Self Hypnosis Session" for FREE!

Allow your mind to open and your body to relax as you enter a deep trance quickly and comfortably with this enjoyable self hypnosis session. You'll discover how to increase your confidence, improve your health, and skyrocket your personal and professional success.

And this $24 value is yours - just for joining today!

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

When you join today, you'll receive the e-book "Change Your Mind, Change Your Life" for FREE!This powerful e-book will walk you through the steps to real answers and teach you to start asking the right questions. By learning how the mind works, you can understand how to break the cycles that keep sabotaging you from achieving what you truly want most.

You won't just get insider secrets to unleashing your mind's power and endless potential - but also hands-on exercises you can FOLLOW in the comfort of your own home, anytime you like.

And this $27 value is yours - just for joining today!

It's time for you to STOP feeling as
if you have NO CONTROL over your life!

It's time for you to start discovering the secrets of the greatest hypnotist in the world, it's time for you to get the training you deserve, and it's time for you to finally take control...

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Here are just some of the powerful skills you're going to acquire:

  • Discover exactly how you can hypnotize anyone -- even your boss!
  • Uncover the myths of hypnosis and find out what you can REALLY do with the right training!
  • Recognize when someone else is trying to control YOU... so you are never duped again!
  • Know the secrets, information and the case studies on brainwashing
  • See "behind the scenes" of the different stages of hypnosis
  • Discover the complete structure of an effective hypnosis session
  • Uncover the secrets to healing traumas and other painful experiences
  • Understand how to put someone under - and bring someone out of a trance
  • Get the hypnotic sex secrets that will change your life!
  • Enjoy the covert persuasion and influence techniques that will always get you exactly what you want!
  • Find out how to use the most effective hypnotic persuasion tools in your everyday life
  • Discover how you can read minds just by reading body language
  • Cure stress, phobias, and insomnia with hypnosis
  • Start making money using your new-found hypnosis skill!
  • Uncover the secrets to programming yourself for Peak Performance!
  • And much, much more...

The Decision You Make
Today Is Guaranteed

Listen, here's the thing: I sell access to this program through Clickbank, which means I play by its rules. And the rules state that I have to offer you an 8-week, money back guarantee. I'm fine with that. I stand behind my materials completely and know you'll be completely thrilled with the content and, more importantly, the results.

However, for your peace of mind, know that a refund is available anytime for the next 8 weeks by simply emailing me or Clickbank if you're dissatisfied for any reason. PLUS, you get to keep all the video lessons and bonuses from the first month and the Deep Trance Self Hypnosis Session.

And I want you to know there are NO surprises when you join our Private Hypnosis Training Program today!

After the first month you'll pay just $27 per month to remain in the Private Hypnosis Training Program. But you are free to cancel at anytime.

Improve Your Relationships, Advance Your Career And Upgrade Your Life!

When you master the art of hypnosis you instantly become more powerful and more respected.

You have more confidence because you KNOW that you are always in control of every situation.

This private training is NOT for the faint of heart because it WILL change your life forever!

But if you are ready to uncover the secrets of hypnosis and mind control, then click the button below and join our Private Hypnosis Training Program today!

See you on the other side!

to your success,
Jim Katsoulis, CHT, NLPP

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