YES! I want to order The Addictive Health Program and I know there's no time to lose. Thanks for the 100% money back guarantee, too - that takes all the pressure off my decision. I Understand that when I place my order, here is what I will get for my $297.00 $97

Here's Everything You Get With
The Addictive Health Program

The Addictive Health Program - In the members area you will have access to the training you need to transform your health. You'll get lifetime access to 8 training modules (professionally recorded in streaming video and downloadable MP3 audio format) to show you how to design and install healthy habits info your life.  

"Addictive Health Workbook" - Fill out this workbook (printable PDF format) as you go through each training to design and install new healthy habits into your life.

Bonus #1 - "Health and Fitness Expert Interview Library" - Find out the best health strategies used by some of the top trainers and nutritionists on the planet.

Bonus #2 - "The Master Ritual" Design & Implementation Guide - The "Master Ritual" is a simple routine which will be the foundation of your increased health. You'll design a custom routine that will cover 6 of the healthy habits and I'll show you how to implement it into your life so that it feels like a lifelong habit.

Bonus #3 - "Addictive Health Self Hypnosis Session Collection!" - When you join you're going to get instant access to this powerful library of mini self hypnosis sessions that you can use any time to help you transform your mind and body.

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The Addictive Health
Daily Meditation Coaching System

Great news! Since you are ordering today, you have a limited-time opportunity to upgrade to the the Addictive Health Deluxe Edition. The deluxe package includes everything you just read about above, plus you also get my 28 Day Addictive Health Coaching System.

This by itself is worth the price of the whole program. Every day you're going to receive a 2 minute hypnotic meditation that is going to reinforce the thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors that will make you healthier than you've probably ever been.

Studies have conclusively proved that people learn best when they are exposed to information for short periods of time on a regular basis. You'll be amazed at how your thoughts and behaviors begin to change automatically.

Over the course of 28 days as you spend just 2 minutes absorbing the hypnotic meditations, you will gain the easiest and fastest way to create within you the healthy habits and the addictive desire to make your health soar.

Some of what you will Learn:

• The Healthy You
• Letting Go
• Your Mind's Eye
• Your Internal Dialog
• Power of Awareness
• Habits of Health
• Mind/Body Connection
• Quieting Your Mind

• Energizing Salads
• Eating Alive
• Feeling Better Now
• Restful Sleep
• Comfortable Movement
• Hand & Foot Massages
• Changing Your Beliefs
• Elixir of Radiant Health

Take 2 minutes each day to implement the thoughts and beliefs into your unconscious mind that create a peak level of health and happiness. This has been described by many as the key piece in producing real change.

The Addictive Health
Daily Meditation Coaching System
  • 28 Days of Daily Coaching and Support
  • 2 Minute Hypnotic Meditations
  • Stay on Track for Long Term Results
  • Relax and Calm Your Mind Every Day
  • Master the Most Important Habits

YES! I want the Addictive Health Program Deluxe edition!
I understand that I will get everything in the Addictive Health basic edition as described above, as well as the 28 Day Hypnotic Meditation Coaching System. I understand that I'm getting a great deal and saving almost $75 because I'm grabbing both of these programs together in this package during this special offer. I realize it would cost me up to $397.00 to buy these separately, but I'm getting the deluxe package for only $397.00  $147 so I'm saving over 75% by buying both programs now)